coffee in Vietnam

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coffee in Vietnam

Cultivated area:
500.000 to 600.000 hectares

Robusta share:
approximately 95%

Privately cultivated:
approximately 85%

Main coffee areas:
– Dắk Lắk Province (with approx. 234.000 hectares of cultivated area)
– Gia Lai Province (with approx. 100.000 hectares of cultivated area)
– Lâm Đồng Province (with 75.000 hectares of cultivated area)
– The average output is 1,97 metric tones of green coffee per hectare


Cà phê nguyên chất

Main import countries of Vietnam Robusta:
Germany, United States of America, Spain, Italy, Japan, Belgium, Korea, France, United Kingdom and Russian Federation

Main ports of shipment:
– Hồ Chí Minh City with a share of 85% and transit times of 28 days to the USA and 24 days to Europe
– Hải Phòng with a share of 10% and transit times of 30 days to the USA and 26 days to Europe
– Da Nang with a share of 5% and transit times of 29 days to the USA and 25 days to Europe

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